10 delicious vegan pizzas that you and your family will enjoy

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Create delicious vegan pizzas at home without meat or dairy products. Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't bake amazing pizzas in your own oven! Scroll down and choose your favorite vegan pizza recipe.

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Vegan pizza recipes: 10 ideas for healthier pizza nights

1. Easy Thai Vegan Naan Pizza

A mix of red curry and tomato paste creates the perfect vegan pizza sauce for this naan-based pizza. Fit Mitten Kitchen Recipe

2. Naan Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Pizzas

Grateful Grazer Recipe

3. Vegan pesto and roasted tomato pizza

This vegan dairy-free pizza looks so delicious that even omnivores will love it! Delish Knowledge recipe

4. Vegan Pizza Margherita

Try this classic revisited with vegan mozzarella, fresh tomato, and basil. Crazy Vegan Kitchen recipe

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5. Green Goddess Pizza

A variety of vegan pizza toppings like cashew cheese, pesto, fresh vegetables, and hemp seeds make this Green Goddess pizza the best vegan pizza you've ever had! Well and Full recipe

6. Vegan potato pizza with rosemary

Recipe through Oh My Veggies

7. Pizza Vegan Ranch

This whole wheat pizza crust is topped with a creamy vegan ranch sauce and topped with lots of great veggies. Lauren Caris Cooks Recipe

8. Easy Vegan Veggie Pizza with Crust 20 Minutes

In addition to the delicious toppings, the vegan pizza crust takes just a few minutes to complete. Vegan Richa Recipe

9. My favorite vegan pizza

Don't miss the tutorial for making vegan pizza cheese included in the recipe. Recipe of –

10. Vegan cheese and broccoli pizza

Made from just 6 ingredients, it is a plant-based meal that satisfies, fills, and comforts. Contentedness Cooking Recipe

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