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The Discovery That Revolutionizes Baking Breads

The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking Breads

An intriguing concept—high-quality, fresh bread in less time than it takes to boil water.

The authors’ promises of no kneading, no starter, no proofing yeast and no need for a
bread machine is based on the concept of mixed and risen high-moisture dough stored
in the fridge for up to two weeks (dough is cut into pieces and popped in the oven for
fresh loaves as desired). Note: for those tracking minutes, the five-minutes doesn’t
include the 20-minute resting time for dough or 30 minutes for baking. After concise,
introductory chapters on ingredients, equipment, and tips and techniques, readers are
presented with the master recipe, a free-form loaf of French boule that is the model
for all breads in the book.

Three main chapters

Pizzas and Enriched Breads and Pastries—are filled with tempting selections and
focus on ethnic breads and pastries including Couronne from France; Limpa from
Scandinavia; Ksara from Morocco; Broa from Portugal; and Chocolate-Raisin Babka
from the Ukraine, but the basics (Oatmeal Bread, Bagels, White Bread) are all here,
too. A smattering of companion recipes such as Tuscan White Bean Dip and Portuguese
Fish Stew are peppered throughout. While experienced bakers and true gourmands
will skip this one, those looking for an innovative approach to making bread just might
find it in these recipes.

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