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Review of the Oster 2-lb Expressbake Bread Machine

Oster 2-lb Expressbake Bread Machine

Before we start looking at the Best Bread Maker available at the Best Price we need to understand what a Bread Maker is

So lets look at the facts that a breadmaker (bread maker), also known as a bread making machine or bread machine is a kitchen appliance used primarily for making bread.

Clearly Breadmakers can do more than just baking bread loaves. Some of the models we looked at can also make baguettes, pizza, pasta and bagel dough, using different cycles.

Let us understand also that there are times when a normal bread machine (bread maker) just won’t cut it. Whether you have a lot of mouths to feed, or you like to bake ahead, a heavy duty bread machine is needed to carry the load.


What goes into the manufacture of a great Bread Maker

Here are our top question for deciding what is a top Bread Maker in today’s market- or kitchens

  1. How many different types of bread can it make?
  2. How many loaf sizes and how many crust shades does it provide?
  3. Can it prepare pizza or cake dough without cooking it?
  4. Does it have an easy/fool-proof way to add yeast?
  5. How detailed/simple are the controls and the display?
  6. Is the baking pan easy to remove and clean? Is it non-stick?
  7. Is the blade easy to remove?
  8. Is there a timer function?
  9. Is the breadmaker compact, silent and stable?
  10. Does it have a gluten free setting?
  11. Does it come with a recipe book?
  12. Will it bake my bread fast


If you can answer each of these questions in the positive then you are close to finding your choice of top bread machine (bread maker)


Lets Review the Oster 2-lb Expressbake Bread Machine

First question is do you want freshly baked bread for the whole family in just under an hour?

If so It’s now possible thanks to the Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Breadmaker. It’s no surprise why this bread machine has received rave reviews and remains a top pick for families on a budget.

Lets us start by looking at the Oster CKSTBRTW20 Breadmaker as our choice for the top and best breadmaker on the market at this stage of the year

This Breadmaker has

  • Nine bread settings,
  • Three crust shades
  • A 13-hour timer delay bake setting.
  • It can make large loaves of bread in one hour – up to 2-pounds
  • It has a large LCD display and easy press button control,
  • Cost is normally within budget of most families


Express Bake Cycle: This Bread machines offers the Expressbake setting that cooks bread in as little as one hour. This means that you can have fresh pizza dough for dinner or warm raisin bread for breakfast.

Of course, if you want to plan in advance, the Oster includes a handy 13-hour delay bake setting. 
Set and forget –

Affordable Price: The Oster Expressbake Breadmaker has a reasonable price point, making it an affordable purchase for families on a budget. Not only is the price tag on the Oster just right, but you’ll save money in the long run from not having to buy expensive store-bought bread that doesn’t come close to the quality and nutrition of a fresh baked loaf.

Family-Friendly: This bread machine can make 2-pound loaves, which is the perfect size for a family.

Simple to use : you won’t find yourself frustrated with making recipes that don’t come out right. There are many options to make your breads just the way you want them, such as by adding in dried fruits, chocolate morsels or nuts.

In addition to making freshly baked breads, if you or someone in the family has an allergy to gluten, you can tweak the recipes to meet the needs of your family’s diet.

Modern Design: We accept the fact that the appearance of the Oster isn’t exactly contemporary, but that doesn’t mean the Oster lacks smart design features.

There is a large viewing window for checking the progress of bread, a removable lid for easy cleaning and a large, nonstick aluminum pan.

The exterior of the bread maker is cool to the touch, preventing accidental burns. There is also a keep-warm feature for keeping your freshly made creations at the right temperature for up to 60 minutes. Helpful beeping signals also let you know when it’s time to add mix-ins.

In fact the design of the Oster isn’t a total favorite of all buyers, simply put it’s large, boxy and white in color. Many people prefer smaller appliances that have black and stainless steel exteriors, so if you have a kitchen that possesses this look, the Oster will look out of place on your countertop. However the smarter looking machines do not make the 2lb loaves and cost far more in the long run

With an affordable price tag, this breadmaker outperforms the more standard bread makers that are double the price. What sets this bread machine in a class of its own is the Expressbake setting that can whip up loaves of bread in one hour, much faster than the average four hours that other bread machines require.

With a bit patience and practice, you can master this machine rather quickly and use it for all three meals of the day. It also has customizable options to make your bread come out perfect, including nine cook settings and three crust shades.

The Oster is a Heavy duty bread machines that is also great for making artisan breads, and can handle the wear and tear of baking with nuts and grains.

So, we’ve found that durable bread machines are cheap, simple and that they can make some pretty great breads. Heavy duty bread makers are simple machines designed to put out good results consistently.


Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine with 13-Hour Delay Timer, CKSTBRTW20

Features: Up to a 2.0 lb. loaf capacity, ideal for larger families, 12 bread settings and 3 crust settings for variety of breads, dough and jams, Expressbake setting bakes bread in under an hour, 13-hour programmable baking timer allows for fresh breads anytime, Large LCD display – easily indicates each stage of the bread making process

Ideal for large families, this bread maker can make up to a 2 pound loaf of bread. The unit features 9 bread settings and 3 crust settings for a variety of breads, dough and jams. With the Expressbake setting, you can have freshly baked bread in no time.
List Price: $59.99 USD
New From: $50.00 USD In Stock

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