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Many Types Of Bread For Any Occasion


Bread to some the staple diet –

why buy when you can bake!!

There is little doubt that the development of bread and baking is one of the most important things to ever happen in the history of man.

There are many types of breads for any occasion, and they have been developed over a long and diverse history around the world. It is enjoyed by every culture and inmost homes around the world at every meal in one form or another.

Evidence has been found that suggests that this may be one of the oldest foods in existence. There has been signs that breads have been being made in many forms all over the world for more than 30,000 years. It has changed little over the centuries and yet has evolved into hundreds of varieties worldwide.

Baked goods specifically breads have long been a part of food culture all over the world. These items have been instrumental in the development of other foods. There are a great many categories of items which make this food one of the largest and most widely enjoyed substances in the culinary world.

Among the all-time popular styles around the world is sourdough. This favorite is produced by letting the risen dough ferment slightly before baking. This fermentation process gives the final item a distinctive bitter flavor that complements many different flavor profiles.

Sweetbreads are traditionally more common to the dessert table than to the dinner table, but that has started to change. The largest category of non-pastry baked goods has found its way in a wide variety of applications that were previously reserved for its more savory counterparts. Try using it as the base for a favorite sandwich and enjoy a whole new way of eating a classic.

Pretzel breads are a classic that comes from central Europe. They are very closely related to sourdough. The main difference is that the outer layer of the dough is washed with a lye solution to give the external crust a deep brown color, a nutty flavor and a crisp texture. Some pretzel styles are rubbed with oil and salt after baking and before cooling to add a further dimension of flavor. Pretzel style pairs well with a spicy mustard, a cheese sauce or even a pungent garlic butter spread.

These are just a few of the types of bread for any occasions that have developed over the thousands of years that breads have been a part of the world diet. It provides a nutritious, enjoyable and easy to make food that is a staple for just about every culture worldwide. The food has had a long history and without a doubt, it will continue to evolve for many thousands of years more.

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We want to spread the news about bread and encourage everybody to make their own bread instead of buying it.

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